This is not going down well with many of her fans who got endeared to her because of her massive boobs.

But the sad news is that Nollywood actress, Ronke Anthony-Ojo aka Ronke Oshodi Oke has not only lost weight, she has also lost what earned her fame in the movie industry—her breasts.

Before, Ronke Oshodi Oke saw her boobs as a source of blessing to her career. Once asked if her big boobs have caused her any embarrassment and she said, “Before now, I get ashamed of them. But I later began to see the beautiful side and stopped hiding them because they fit me. People appreciate my boobs and I also love it. My boobs are one of the things that brought me to limelight in the movie industry.”

Are her boobs her selling point?

She replied, “Yes, they are and apart from that it is one part of my body I cherish most.”

How did she lose weight? Why did she lose weight?

In one of her posts on Instagram, Ronke revealed that she weighed 110kg and couldn’t lift her body to dance. A brand influencer for a weight loss brand, she revealed that as a result of her weight loss, she can now dance, jump and be free.

When Kemiashefonlovehaven called the actress to inquire about her new quest for a slimmer body, Oshodi Oke replied, “ I don’t want to talk about my weight for now. In fact, I don’t don’t want to talk to journalists.”

Already, many of her colleagues including Regina Chukwu are agitating that she put a stop to the weight loss exercise.

In the comment section of one of her posts, Regina commented, “Sis it yaff do”

This prompted other fans to make comments and they begged her not to lose the breasts! As a matter of fact Kemiashefonlovehaven gathered that the last event she attended last weekend in Ijebu, Ogun State where another Nollywood actress Wumi Toriola buried her father-in-law, Ronke Oshodi Oke was the cynosure of eyes as fans and colleagues were shocked at her weight loss and 'boobs loss'.

Everyone has told her to take things easy with her weight loss and not lose her boobs in the process. She became famous with those boobs and when they are gone, no one will recognize her in the industry again, " a source told Kemi Ashefon.

Recall the Nollywood actress once revealed in an interview that getting her bra size in the market has mostly been a herculean task.

According to her, getting brassieres is very difficult. Peradventure she gets one, she revealed that she parts away with not less than N10,000! A normal brassiere costs less than 2500.

She said, “Getting my bra size can be very difficult. It makes it more expensive. I always want to ‘pack’ myself. I wouldn’t want to appear in a movie where I would need to run or walk fast and my boobs would be bouncing. I don’t like it. When you ‘pack’ yourself very well, when anything happens, you are ready. I have to go the extra mile to look for good bras.“I spend at least N10, 000 on a bra. At times, I get my perfect size when I travel abroad especially in the US. If anybody is going to the US, the only favors that person can do for me is to buy bra for me. It is the only gift that I can appreciate from anybody and it would make me happy.”

But large boobs didn’t start as an adult in Ronke’s life. She disclosed that she started wearing bra before her any of her female classmates thought of wearing one. That really earned her mockery from her classmates while growing up.

Ronke said, “While they were still wearing bra top and vest, I was already wearing bra. When we wore our school uniforms, my bra straps would show and they would be making fun of me. I used to feel embarrassed and I would wish I was in their category. I was big and tall then. I used to sit at the back of the class."

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