For those of us who watched the last episode of the Big Brother Naija TV reality show, Season 5, the names Laycon, Dorathy and Nengi are very familiar to us. However, for those who did not participate in seeing the TV reality show last year, well you really missed a lot. Over the weeks, we have seen lots of post and articles about the two love birds, Nengi and Ozo, but in this article, I will focus on Dorathy and her lookalike sister, Cynthia.

Dorathy was one of the ex housemates in the Big Brother Naija show that was loved and admired by many. While some loved her because of her charisma and personality while in the BBN house, others admired her because of her natural endowments on the front side and behind.

This made us to follow up the actress to see if actually she is the only one in her family that is blessed with these cleavages, that was when we came across her lookalike sister called Cynthia Bachor, who is now also a celebrity. Cynthia is the eldest sister of Dorathy and from the looks of things, they both Share something in common. Yes, your guess is as correct as mine. They are both endowed naturally in the front side and behind.

This made some of the fans to imagine what they did to God that made Him bless them with sure lovely girls. Cynthia popularity started during her sister' s stay in the big brother naija house. Before this time, little or nothing was heard about the Bachor' s family although they were still making it. But the big brother naija brought these two lovely sisters into limelight, and made them celebrities that they are today. After emerging as the second runner up in the TV reality show, Dorathy took her time to thank her friends, fans, family and her immediately elder sister, Cynthia for all the love and support they showered on her which made her got to the level she was.

These two ladies are so beautiful and their parents must be so proud of them. Indeed, we should learn to appreciate every child God give us whether male or female, because we never can tell who will lift us up in the future. Gone are the days that girl child was regarded as inferior.

Today a girl child can do what a male child does and even do it better. Check out Emmanuella, Regina Daniel, Mercy Etiko, Nengi, Linda Ikeji, Ngozi Okonji Iweala etc. So appreciate your girl child today.

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