Corp members doing their National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme in the northern state of Kano have celebrated this year's Valentine's Day in a unique style, IgbereTV reports.

The Corp members gathered 50 almajiri kids and gave each one of them a plate of food. The leader of the Corp members - and brain that conceived the thought of starting it - that embarked on the humanitarian exercise took to Twitter, with the handle @proudyeyebf, to share the news of the exercise which held some minutes before the hour of 12 noon on Valentine's day.

He said he felt delighted and fulfilled at conducting this exercise. @proudyeyebf narrated what informed his decision to spend Val with the kids.

The Corp member stated that he was touched by how these almajiri kids begged alms and even dwelt on the left over of others. At that instance he conceived the idea to start what he tagged a mission to feed 50 kids.

Thanks to support from other Corp members who believed in the project, money for the exercise was raised and they got a vendor to make the food.

He wrote;

"Before this day, I found myself in Kano (thanks to NYSC) I saw how the almajiris begged to survive the day, they live on other peoples left over.

I was thinking about how to celebrate love so I posted on my WhatsApp status "on a mission to feed 50 kids on 14/02/2020

My fellow corp member decides to join so we split the bill.

It was very easy to organise, all we did was talk to a food vendor to prepare 50 plates of food at #300 each, she (food vendor) was also the one who helped us talk to the master of the almajiris.

I felt delighted and fulfilled when those children smiled while receiving the food. My goal is to make it a seasonal or probably monthly thing but my income is unstable.

And for my dressing on that day, I don't enjoy wearing the NYSC kit, Israel (fellow corp member) was like " Temitope were is your khaki?" and responded with "khaki to where? are the kids at the secretariat?

So to enable him feel he his walking with a Corper I had to borrow his cap.

I love that Day, It will always be a remarkable day for me.

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