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POLITICS“Even Your Sunday Igboho Can Not Face Deadly Iskilu Wakili In Ibarapa”- Son Of Seriki Fulani Challenges Yorubas

ByAynaijang NewsPublished2 hours ago

Son of the evicted Fulani leaders in Ibarapa, Oyo State, knowns as Seriki Fulani has bragged that Sunday Igboho can not face Iskilu Wakili.

Saliu Ibrahim, a son of the evicted Seriki Fulani of Oyo State, Saliu Abdulkabir, has dared Ayete community residents to confront Iskilu Wakili, an alleged violent Fulani man in Ayete land, and see what happens next.

Mr Ibrahim said: “Hahahaha sebi you people have gone to his village before he resisted you please go back again. Eni alemu laa ledi ma. Because you know SERIKI doesn’t have any weapons that’s why you attack him. let Sunday igboho lead you there.”

Mr Ibarahim made this statement while responding to the displeasure shown by Ayete indigenes over suspicious gathering of fully armed fulani herdsmen spearheaded by one Iskilu Wakili, a Fulani man in Ayete community, in Ibarapa region of Oyo state.

Mr. Ibrahim boasted that the alleged deadly Iskilu Wakili bears weapons, and that will make it suicidal for residents to confront him, even if they are led by Sunday Igboho, as they had confronted his own father, not long ago.

He also mocked some residents of the community, who had in the time past, confronted the said Wakili, but failed to suppress his ammunitions.

Recall that this same Mr Saliu Ibrahim had threatened that fulanis would strike back in Ibarapa as a result of the eviction of his father.

He once said while responding to his father’s eviction from Igangan “When fulanis begin to strike, you people will beg for mercy. Will Sunday Igboho be with you every time?”

Aynaijang further gathered from a source that the residents of Ayete community had called on the government and security agencies to save them from the hands of deadly Fulani herdsmen led by Iskilu Wakili.

They said : “Our fear of attacks by the herdsmen increases daily. One Iskilu Wakili (Fulani) always creates awareness of a reprisal attack after Sunday Igboho had sent their leader packing from Ibarapaland.

They described Wakili as a monster in Ayete, saying no difference between Wakili and the Seriki Fulani of Igangan, Alhaji Saliu Abdulkadir, who was recently chased out of the community for his alleged criminal activities.

“Wakili and his men are more dangerous compared to the embattled Seriki Fulani of Igangan, Alhaji Soliu Abdulkadir. The residents said.

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