A 13 years old JSS 3 student of Makurdi academy north bank who goes by the name Kumawuese, was last year November 20th raped at gun point by one notorious cultist simply known as V. William of Antsa village north bank that led to her death before Christmas.

The guy (rapist) went ahead to threaten the family of the late girl even after his own family members arranged a meeting and according to them settled the matter between them. I was also told she was giving drugs the other family bought to help her heal, according to what my informant told me who does not want his name/identity known.

The girl's family as am told are planning to sell their house and move out of North Bank for fear of the said rapist and up till now, they are still reluctant to speak about this, as it is the cousin who has briefed me about the whole thing yesterday after hiding it for this long.

I will be meeting this family latest Monday to see how we can go about this whole situation.

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